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Discovering Aussois traditions

Aussois – A lively year-round village

Before being a ski resort, Aussois is above all a village. With a year-round population of around 600, the people of Aussois are a close-knit community, sharing in the joys of seasonal events and traditions.

The Fête Dieu, held this Sunday, June 11, kicks off the festivities. We’re now looking forward to the July 14th and August 15th gatherings. With firefighters in traditional dress, village associations, craftsmen and demonstrations, the festivities never disappoint.

Color, sunshine, laughter and good humor are the watchwords of these traditional days when the Aussoyens share with holidaymakers a part of their roots and traditions.

And, of course, to round things off, there’s a refreshment bar where you can chat with the locals over a drink!


More information on Aussois customs and festivities here.