FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

You can find here answers to the most frequently asked questions about renting a camping pitch. Don’t hesitate to come back to us if you haven’t found the answer to your question!

Your arrival and departure on the camping pitch

The pitch will be available to you during the opening hours of the reception and from 12h on the day of your arrival. The pitch must be vacated by 12h on the day of your departure.

Days of arrival and departure

You can arrive any day of the week in both low and high season, depending on availability. The duration of stay must be a minimum of one night, and then as many nights as you wish depending on the existing schedule.

Our pets friends

Dogs, cats and other animals are exceptionally admitted to the campsite (except category 1 and 2) for a fee of 2.00€. Animals must be kept on a lead and accompanied by their master at all times. They must do their business outside the campsite. A distributor of bags for faeces is available at the entrance of the campsite.

How does car entrance/exit work?

An automatic barrier is installed at the entrance of the camping. The code must not be given to any person who is not registered on the campsite, except with the agreement of the direction. No vehicle is allowed to move in the campsite from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., except in case of emergency or with the agreement of the direction.

I would like to receive my family and/or friends

Like all campsites, we have a maximum capacity which cannot be exceeded for safety and insurance reasons. We understand that you want to receive your friends and family, but you will understand that we cannot welcom everyone on the pitch… An entrance fee will therefore be requested from your guests. For reasons of safety and comfort of the campers, the reception is entitled to refuse any visitor if the maximum occupancy of the pitch is reached. Please come and meet us at the reception to discuss this in person before inviting your friends/family. Then, come and introduce them to us on their arrival to avoid any surprise when they are approached by the direction or the staff of the camping. For visitors, a free car park is available right outside the camping.


Charcoal barbecues are permitted on the campsites, except in the event of severe drought declared by the Prefecture. However, the barbecue must not be placed on the ground but on a base or other support. Avoid smoking your neighbours as much as possible and keep a bucket of water nearby.

Tourist Tax

The tourist tax is 0.55€ per night, per person over 18 years old.

I have a preference for a location

Do you want a particular pitch or to be together with your family or friends? The earlier you book, the more likely we will be able to accommodate your request. Please note that this is always a preference and not a guarantee.

The equipment on your pitch

Your equipment must be installed on your pitch, including the car. The vehicle must not extend over the road so that everyone can circulate properly and in winter to ensure that the accesses are cleared of snow. Please do not put your car or other equipment on the empty neighbouring pitch: it must remain free in case someone wants to rent it.


The majority of pitches have a 10 amp electrical connection included in the package. All standard pitches can have an electrical connection, it is up to you to decide at the time of booking whether you wish to take it or not. As our site is equipped with European standard terminals you will need to bring a European adapter. You can also buy it directly at the reception (9€).
If, during your stay, you encounter a problem with the electrical connection, do not try to open the boxes. The electrical installation is managed from a computer at the reception, so come and see us so that we can fix it.

Charging electrical/electronic devices

You have not chosen electricity on your pitch and wish to charge phones or other devices?Unfortunately we cannot charge them at Reception. We invite you to do it directly in the sanitary block and keep an eye on your belongings.

I will only arrive the next day / I will leave the day before

We invite you to inform us of a late arrival so we won’t worry about you not arriving on the scheduled day of arrival.

Admission of minors

For obvious reasons of safety (swimming pool, possible evacuation of the campsite in case of weather warning…) or health (possible hospitalisation during the stay…), minors not accompanied by their parents are not admitted.